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Moving Tips   


  1.  Address changes: post office, credit cards, bank, and subscriptions

  2. Bank; transfer funds and contents of safety deposit box to the new bank

  3. Insurance; notify companies of the new location for coverage of homeowner’s, life, auto and health insurance

  4. Notify utility companies: gas, electric, water, telephone, cable etc., request a final reading and transfer services to new location.

  5. Medical; ask doctors and dentist for referrals and transfer prescriptions

  6. If you are packing, always use good supplies

  7. Prepare a list of your belongings that refer to the content of each box and write the location of their destination

  8. Use small boxes for packing books
  9. Disconnect your refrigerator and it's water hose at least 3 to 4 hours prior to moving time

  10. Disconnect washer and dryer

  11. Lawn movers should be drained prior to move

  12. Use wardrobe boxes for moving clothes or wrap them with clean sheets over the hanger to protect them

  13. Carry all jewelry and important documents yourself

  14. Empty all dresser drawers, night stands and desks
After your move, inspect all items for damages and if there is damage make a note on the inventory sheet before the movers leave your place.
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